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Real Original is a producer team specializing in production of video, photo, events and experiential activations. We excel in storytelling, writing, logistics and production management. 
Outsource an entire project to us and we'll handle it all.
Or, offload specific aspects to us while we work seamlessly with a larger team. 
We are flexible and committed to bringing your vision to fruition.
At the risk of saying we can do it all….we like to think we are pretty damn close. 

We are passionate about our work, and the beliefs below are at the core of what we do.

Human Stories Have Impact

We believe in the power of telling human stories and the impact they can have to move other people to action in their own lives. We love bringing this element into projects we work on.

Being Nice Matters

We feel strongly that work is done to a higher level if everyone involved can be nice to each other. It drives people to put their heart into what they are doing, and deliver the absolute best work they are capable of.

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