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Sometimes described as a Swiss Army Knife, Brian Bishop combines his 20+ years of experience and multitude of skills across Content Creation (Producer, video, photo), Marketing (content, experiential, advertising, digital, strategy, social media, brand and agency side), and Storytelling. He is currently working as a Producer on a number of brand and original content projects. 

Bishop's varied career path has prepared him to be a detailed and effective Producer. Much of his work has required a mix of creative right brain and practical execution left brain, and that is what he loves about producing. He is able to incorporate skills such as creativity, strategy, project management, problem solving, planning, thinking on his feet, and technical aspects into his work as a Producer. Brian has worked with large clients, budgets, and celebrities on down to small companies, budgets and first-time on-camera talent. He has worked on projects across the country. 

In addition to leading Real Original projects, Brian currently works as a freelance producer for several agencies and production companies.

Producer Work

The following are clients that Brian has worked with as a Producer

  • Google*

  • tbs*

  • Cantu*

  • Southern Companies*

  • University of Colorado**

  • Lockheed Martin**

  • NASA**

  • Lunar Resources**

  • Dry Land Distillers

  • Arrow Electronics

  • Dunraven Campers

  • Deuter

  • Eclypses

* with Pop'N Creative

** with Tend Studios