A Real Original Producer

Brian Bishop's path to working as a video and film producer

My career path to working as a Producer has not been direct. Instead, it has taken twists and turns that have honed a unique set of skills that allow me to bring my talents to working as a video and film producer. 

Who Can I Help? 

Is your internal team slammed? Do you need someone with broad experience that you can trust? After years working at agencies and with brands, I'm able to quickly jump in when help is needed on your video content creation project. With my knowledge of agency and client work intricacies, I'm able to professionally navigate all challenges and represent your agency or production company in the best light, while delivering great video content on time and on budget. Managing tight timelines, bridging creative and client expectations, and keeping the project on track are all things I can easily handle to make your production a success. 

What is a Producer?

Great question, and not an easy one to answer. In simple terms, it's someone that "oversees the production of a film or video". But what does that actually mean? Well, similar to my career path, it's a broad set of things that require an even more broad set of skills to accomplish. So rather than bore you with the many different definitions of what people think a producer is, I'm going to give you a list of what I'm adept at handling as a producer...


  • Strategy

  • Production Planning

  • Creative Concepts

  • Story Development

  • Marketing Approach

  • Location Scouting & Permitting

  • Budgeting

  • Project Management

  • Scheduling

  • Scriptwriting

  • Shot Lists

  • Concept Presentations

  • Client Communication

  • Crew Selection & Communication

  • Talent Selection and Prep

  • Travel Planning


  • On-site Production Supervision

  • Shoot Management

  • Crew Management

  • Talent Management

  • Liaison Between Crew & Production

  • Scheduling and Shoot Timing

  • Shot List Management

  • Schedule Changes

  • Problem Solving

  • Behind the Scenes Content

  • Client Communication


  • Post Process Management

  • Creative Supervision with Editor

  • Music Supervision

  • Budget Reconciliation 

  • Deadline Tracking

  • Feedback Collection

  • Client Communication and Deliverables

  • Video Distribution Assistance

  • Brand Considerations

My Real Original Path to Producing

My career has focused on various aspects of marketing. The skills I have developed with this marketing background pair perfectly with creating brand video content, backed by sound marketing strategy and a distribution plan from the initial phases. While I am adept at this type of work, my interests do not stop with brand work. 

While my career path has taken some turns, there are many things that have prepared me to be an effective producer. Much of my work has required a mix of creative right brain and practical execution left brain, and that is what I love about producing. I'm able to incorporate skills such as creativity, strategy, project management, problem solving, planning, thinking on my feet, and technical aspects into my work as a producer. I've worked with large clients, budgets, and celebrities on down to small companies, budgets and first-time on-camera talent. My work has included traveling extensively, including doing a lot of site visits and location planning. 

A friend of mine had a client ask about my work before they hired me. His response: "Tell him what you want done and get the hell out of his way." That is to say, there is no challenge or task I will back down from or not work to accomplish. 

My Favorite Thing: Crafting Stories

Video (in my opinion) is the medium with the most power to move people. I experienced this first-hand when working as a producer on this short video content in conjunction with the film, Racing Extinction. When it was debuted to a sold-out audience of 800+ people prior to a screening of the film, the entire audience was on their feet applauding. I was hiding in the back row of the balcony, and sat in the dark on the verge of tears. A piece of content I had to fight to get the chance to create, and it was received in a manner I hadn't even dreamed of. That showed me the power that a great storytelling video can have. This has driven me to craft stories in ways that can have that power, and capture the viewers attention visually and mentally. 

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