Real Original is owned and operated by Brian Bishop. Sometimes described as a Swiss Army Knife, Bishop has combined his 20 years of experience and multitude of skills across Content Creation (Producer, video, photo), Marketing (content, experiential, advertising, digital, strategy, social media, brand and agency side), and Storytelling. He is currently working as a Producer on a number of brand and original content projects. 

Bishop's career path has taken some turns, but there are many things that have prepared him to be an effective producer. Much of his work has required a mix of creative right brain and practical execution left brain, and that is what he loves about producing. He is able to incorporate skills such as creativity, strategy, project management, problem solving, planning, thinking on his feet, and technical aspects into his work as a producer. Brian has worked with large clients, budgets, and celebrities on down to small companies, budgets and first-time on-camera talent. His work has included traveling extensively, including many site visits and location planning. ​

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Bishop's Favorite Thing: Crafting Stories

Video has the power to move people. Brian experienced this first-hand when working as a producer on this short video content in conjunction with the film, Racing Extinction. When that video debuted to a sold-out audience of 800+ people prior to a screening of the film, the entire audience was on their feet applauding. Bishop was hiding in the back row of the balcony, and sat in the dark on the verge of tears. A piece of content he had to fight to get the chance to create, and it was received in a manner he never dreamed of. That showed him the power that great storytelling can have. This has driven Brian to craft stories in ways that can have that power, and capture the viewers attention visually and mentally.

Through his years of experience in marketing and content creation, Brian has developed many great relationships with talented partners. At Real Original, he brings in these partners as needed to help with projects. This allows the delivery of top quality projects at a fair rate. Partners range from email marketing to graphic design, video and photo professionals, and much more.