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Tips on Succeeding in an Online Environment

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Students around the world are currently finding themselves in a new schooling environment through learning online. We know this is a sudden shift in learning and it can be challenging to adjust. At Crimson Education, we are an educational technology company here to offer guidance on how to thrive in this new online learning environment!

Have a Designated Study Space

Make sure you have an area in your home carved out specifically for attending your classes and for studying. Whether this is a desk in your bedroom, an office in your common space, or a chair at the kitchen table, designate this as the space where you come to buckle down and study. It’s recommended not to study in your bed, because you then may start to identify your bed as a work-place rather than a place of rest. Wherever you decide your workspace is, be diligent in keeping it organized. Cluttered space, cluttered mind!

Block Out Distractions and Noise

When working and studying from home, there are often many distractions. To minimize these, consider purchasing a pair of noise cancelling headphones. This will help you focus on your courses without as many distracting noises.

Go One-on-One for Learning

Paying attention in class can be hard enough, as is, but now you have to pay attention through a live or recorded video chat. There are certain subjects you may need extra support with, especially if you find yourself distracted during Zoom sessions. Consider getting additional support with one-on-one guidance. This way, you can engage directly with your tutor, asking questions that come up in real time. Since you are studying remotely, you are absolutely no longer limited to tutors in your area! For Crimson’s tutoring, we match students and tutors on compatible personalities, availability, and subject area expertise. You can use tutoring to catch up on classes you feel behind on or even use it to accelerate in subject areas.

Take a Break

It’s easy to get sucked into your computer for hours without taking a break. Take time to get up, walk around, have a snack, and get some fresh air. Come back to your work feeling refreshed and ready to make serious progress! There are tons of free fitness videos through YouTube. Stretching can help relieve the “text” and “computer” neck!

Learn from Webinars

Companies and schools around the world are starting to offer information and courses in the comfort of your home! Keep an eye out for webinars on any topic you are interested in. Now is a great time to get ahead when it comes to standing out in high school. Crimson hosts webinars on a wide range of topics including how you can stand out with your extracurriculars, essays, and more. This is an incredible way for you to hear from speakers you may not have had access to before, such as a Former Admissions Officer from Stanford.

Start Exploring College Life Virtually

Universities around the country have been offering virtual campus tours. Check them out and don’t miss YouTube videos featuring students showcasing their “Day in the Life” of top colleges here.

Set Your Hours

Whether your school has designated mandatory online school hours or not, it’s recommended to set your own that are similar each day. This way, you’re still in a routine and can hold yourself accountable to studying and working diligently.

Be Strategic with Extracurriculars

Moving extracurricular and club meetings online may feel strange at first. Keep the meetings organized with an agenda and remind the other members to stay on “mute” while one person is talking. Use your club meetings to think about ways you can still have impact. Are you an athlete? Perhaps you start a YouTube channel on skills around your sport. Part of the Art Club? See if you can move the paintings online to virtual archives. You can impact even more people virtually, where distance is no longer a hurdle.

The Bottom Line

Online learning will be a new experience, but try to make it fit with your environment and learning style. With fewer distractions and fewer commitments, see if you can position yourself to get ahead. With this extra time, you probably have fewer distractions and commitments to keep you from excelling. Those that make the choice to flourish in this environment have a great chance of standing out in upcoming application rounds. Stay healthy, stay positive, and stay safe!

If you are looking for additional guidance & support, you are welcome to learn about the options with Crimson by signing up here. Crimson offers extensive support including admissions consulting, extracurricular & leadership mentoring, remote research positions with professors, remote internships and more. Sign up to meet an advisor and come up with a plan of what you can be doing while still at home.

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