Meet the Team


Head of production

About Brian

written by Dre Miesnieks

Our working relationship started as I interned for Brian at the Boulder International Film Festival as a copywriter, blog writer and PR specialist. From day one, I knew I was in the right place working with Brian. 


We have worked together on a myriad of projects over the past eight years. From copywriting, brand management, to video and event production, I can confidently say that everything I’ve worked on with Brian has been top notch.


I love working with Brian because of his attention to detail, his way of making each team member and/or client feel heard and needed and his creative way of bringing visions to life. His patience and need to please is unparalleled. I personally have seen Brian make the impossible possible over and over again, and I’ve never seen him turn out anything less than excellent. When others aren’t able to execute, Brian goes above and beyond to figure out a solution that was better than possibly imagined before.


I think his superpower is the amount he cares about every single project and person he works with and the way he consistently shows up fully.


Dre Miesnieks
Associate Producer

About Dre

written by Brian Bishop

Dre and I have worked together in various roles for over 8 years. In that time, we have developed a fantastic partnership with complementary skill sets, able to understand how we each work, expectations, and how to get projects done efficiently and effectively. 


Dre is proactive, level headed, thoughtful, and has a pragmatic approach to all of her work. She is willing to jump in on anything that needs to be done. We know each other well enough that she is often one step ahead of what I’m thinking. Dre constantly brings a sense of calm to stressful situations, which is a huge asset on productions. She is also a great writer and editor, expanding our production capabilities in many ways. 


She truly puts her heart into everything she does, and is never satisfied with mediocre. We share a similar value in building great relationships with everyone we work with. We pride ourselves on being reliable to work with and creative storytellers. 


The best part? We always manage to have fun working together and ensure those around us do as well.